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Over 100 videos and ebooks related to diet and staying healthy to watch and download on this website.  Excellent Information!

ProHealth Nutrition, Inc
SINCE 1994
2107 Jonesboro Road, McDonough, Ga  
Phone: 770-914-7955
HOURS: M-F 10-6  SAT 10-5

More Than A Vitamin Shop
 "Best Health Store In Town" 

This site  The Web 

When in our store sign up for our SPOTON REWARDS PROGRAM and get entire purchase discounts. 

Services Provided 

Nutritional Consults $30  - Nutritional Applied Kinesiology Testing  $30  Iridology Readings $30 - Foot Detoxes $25  

Comprehensive Assessment $50 (Best Value) Includes  Kinesiology Testing, Iridology Reading and Nutritional Consult. 




Click the Logo to go to our weightloss website, where you can print the 7 Point Weight Loss Approach packet, commit to do it, find helpful information to aid in loosing your desired amount of weight, build muscle, lower you overall body fat and much more...  

Hot Products
Advocare Sold Here
Hot products for weight loss - Get them at ProHealth Nutrition: Garcinia Cambogia - Raspberry Ketone - Green Coffee Bean Extract - Skinny Magic - Safe and Skinny - Slim It - Green Tea Extract - 7-Keto - Forskohlii - African Mango - Yacon Syrup - Skinny  Mini - Skinny Formula.
Weight Loss Tips:  Mix  Green Vibrance and Puregreen Protein for a breakfast shake. That's all you need for a healthy breakfast that will supply energy and nutrition for several hours. People are losing 5 - 10 pounds per month.  Also, check out Vibrant Cleanse, which is the Master Cleanse in powder form, a great way to start any weight loss program.  Get all these products by VibrantHealth at ProHealth Nutrition. Try eating from our Healthy Foods List and following the Exercise Guide.
The following is a list of products  that we carry comparable to those of expensive Atlanta metro weight loss clinics:  7 day Cleaner (Men and Women), Safe and Skinny, EFA's, meal replacement shakes (liquids and powders), Hoodia/Cheat and Eat, Spark, Catalyst, MNS (Metabolic Nutrition System), Coreplex (Multi vitamin), Kidney Activator, Life's Fortune Multi, high protein chips.


McDonough Health Food Store Image

 Who We Are
ProHealth Nutrition is McDonough's largest most complete health store and  is your source of  vitamins and herbal formulas, as well as your best source of nutritional kinesiology muscle testing.  When you call on us, you can expect the highest quality herbal supplements at affordale prices.   We have been in business  in Henry County, Georgia since 1994, and believe that you will find our McDonough health food store and herb shop as the best local choice for all of your natural supplements and natural health services needs.  
Our McDonough health food store and herb shop staff members are well trained and are ready to help you find exactly what works best for you from homeopathic remedies to aromatherapy oils.  We  provide a large variety of green vitamin and herbal manufacturers to better serve our community with healthy solutions.   Specializing in weight loss, pain relief and many other areas of natural health, we have helped many in our commuiity with their health conditions. 
We help people everyday with any body system from the immune system to menopause and hormonal issues.  Consider  Kinesiology muscle testing, which can help take the guess work out of choosing the right supplements for your needs. We are also McDonough's alkaline water supplier and supplier of local honey, as well as immune boosters, such as liquid gold and silver.  
ProHealth Nutrition, Inc 
Health food store  -- Herb and vitamin  shop

Do you know your blood type?  We carry self-testing Blood Typing Kits and books for each blood type at ProHealth Nutrition.  Eating according to blood type has shown to improve over all health, as well as aiding in weight loss.

Do You Know Your Body Type? (click to see) To maximize weight loss, you need to know. 

ZYTO Compass Image

ZYTO Compass Bio Analysis 

Think how great it would be if you could take the guess work out of knowing which supplements are right for your body right NOW.

We have great news.  You Can  with ZYTO Compass.  The Zyto compass reads your body in real time and gives a feedback report on which Nature's Sunshine products are best suited for your needs today. The Compass is amazing and it's free.  Read more (AVAILABLE IN OUR HEALTH STORE.)







Ann Fishburne, Owner

Ann has a degree from  Emory at Oxford &  a degree from Georgia State University in Clinical Nutrition.  She has also been trained by Stephen Horne, world renowned iridoligist and  by ICAK kineisologist, Dr. David Brents. As a registered dietitian (RD), Ann worked in Atlanta based clinics and hospitals before entering natural healthcare.

Fred Fishburne, Owner

Fred has a degree from the University of West Alabama in business adminisration, and has been in natural health since 1995. 


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