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Is Glandular support important in a weight loss approach?  Several glands are important in maintaining normal body weight.  First, the thyroid gland, which is at the center of the metabolism. Second, the adrenal glands, which control the release of cortisol in the body. which can cause belly fat when out of balance. Also, the pituitary gland, when not functioning properly can cause weight loss. The pancreas, which controls insulin release in the body, can contribute to weight gain when not function properly.
Some foods that are good for glandular health are:  Coconut, green leafy vegetables, brewers yeast, fresh sprouts, deep ocean fish, nuts, seeds, legumes, garlic, onions, mushrooms.
Supplements that are good for glandular health are:  Adaptamax, Adrenaplex, Multi Glandular, Schisandra, Thyroid Formula, Thyroid Energy, Thyroid Care.  Pick them up at ProHealth Nutrition. 

Tip:  When using salt, consume sea salt, which is actually good for the glandular system. The daily requirement of sodium is about 2400 mg.