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Setting up a home gym is easy. You will need very  little  equipment to train the entire body.  All you need is a set of dumbbells containing several different size  weights for weight training.  A good starter set works for a man or woman.  You can workout without a flat bench, but it would be very handy and inexpensive to have one.
You will also need a way to do cardio.  If you have stairs in you home you have a built in stair master. Stationary bikes can be inexpensive and a great way to do cardio.   You don't need to buy some expensive cardio machine to get twenty minutes of crdio three times per week.  
A body ball  is inexpensive and has many different uses. It is great for abs and  can also be used in place of  a flat bench. Body balls come in three different sizes according to height.  That's about all you will need to get started.
Find a place in your home that you can set aside for training if possible.  Make this a  place that you can go to and be motivated to train each day. This training space should be  as much of a part of your home as any other room. Look at your training space as a very special place.  Keep  it clean and in order.  Have motivational pictures and quotes that inspire you where you can see them while  you are training.  Have a calendar and marker handy to track your training sessions.  After every training session mark that day off with a big checkmark as a sign  of success.  See how many checkmarks you can get in a row as a personal challenge and before you know it you will be fit.
Staying Healthy Men,
Fred, ProHealth Nutrition