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Best Herbs for Kids

By: Ann Fishburne, Nutritionist

Children usually respond positively to herbs, many times with less or no side effects. Many conditions for which doctors recommend little more than tylenol will clear up and return less often with nutritional support from herbs, and the following is a brief list of the BEST (in the opinion of many herbalists, nutritionists, and tired mothers!)

Stevia-sweet tasting herb to add to teas, oatmeal, lemonade, etc to avoid the immune suppressing effects of too much sugar

Astragalus-immune builder before, during, and after illness, great for the child who is tired all the time, prone to viruses

Echinacea-Allergy, pain, and itch- calming herb that can be given when tylenol and aspirin are not appropriate ; great with astragalus for ear infection, colds, sniffles, virus, strep and lyme disease(put on and take internally after tick or any bug bite)

Elderberry-awesome in good tasting liquid, chewable or tea for asthma, sore throat, viruses, cold sores, frequent mouth ulcers, and fever

Bee propolis- No, it’s not an herb, but gives some of the most powerful antibiotic effect for bees and humans. (how many sick bees have you seen?) Well tolerated for children and pregnant women, it is GREAT for toothache and abcesses…be prepared it sticks to teeth like super glue, but oh, the relief for sore throat strep, sinus, and bronchitis!

Oregano-Not to be confused with regular oregano in the kitchen, Wild oregano in juice or oil is anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal, and detoxifying in nature. Should be used for any child given immunizations to help adjust immune system. It has a strong smell and taste, but easier tolerated right after brushing teeth.

Olive leaf- Liquid is soothing and effective for thrush (candida), spider bites, herpes, warts, parasites, viruses, and many bacteria, and in wounds with colloidal silver hydrosol..

Oregon Grape-A child’s version of golden seal (berberine containing herb) great for colds, flu, sore throat, ecxema, food poisoning, diarrhea OR constipation…really!

All of these herbs can be found in liquid, tea, or homeopathic versions that are appropriate for children and are usually used short term until symptoms are gone, although some can be used longer under the supervision of a doctor or herbalist-nutritionist. Most of these are detoxifying herbs, which your child occasionally needs, but should be used one or two at a time unless in a commercially made formula. Test toleration by rubbing a drop of liquid inside the wrist if child is particularly sensitive. They can be added to water, applesauce, oatmeal or juice, and given every two to three hours a few drops or dropperfuls (older children) at a time, or two to six times a day.

Man is legally not allowed to claim herbs as more than nutrition support, but God (in the books of Genesis and Revelations) calls them healers. Whatever they are called, these are a few of the BEST according to many herbalists, nutritionists, and M.D.’s with rarely any side effects..doesn’t your child deserve the best?