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For Married Couples Only

Intimate times together…Holy, ordained by God to complete the marriage, manhood, and womanhood. God’s plan for His families and the source one of our greatest joys, our precious children.

But sometimes things like health problems, stress, and life gets in the way. Still, it is our responsibility to be the best partner we can be to our spouse and do what we can to resolve or at least improve the situation.

We talk to our doctors, consider medications, but they can be expensive, unpredictable and dangerous. Fortunately, there are things we can do naturally to improve this important area of our health, and the health of our marriage.

The first priority is to work on our general health. Overeating and overweight is the number one inhibitor of sex drive and sexual function. Eating smaller meals, especially later in the day, lean{not fried} protein, fresh fuit and vegetables can really make an immediate difference.

The second common inhibitor is health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and circulatory problems.. The medications for these also can zap sex drive and function, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it or just stop taking your med’s . These have to be addressed, but meanwhile, there are supplements and herbs that can help. Many have been used around the world for centuries.

There are general categories of products based on how they work. Some work immediately, and others work over time.

Stimulants-these are usually quick acting, and usually work on both men and women

Yohimbe, damiana, ginseng, and tribulus are classic examples

Circulation supplements- L-Arginine, ginkgo, gotu kola, B12, CoQ10, vitamin E, TMG are examples. Men tend to need these more than women, but women can really benefit from combinations of these also, especially if they are tired all the time.

Stress, immune balancers- Anxiety can be a big problem…the world uses alcohol and drugs to numb anxiety, but God has a better idea.. feeding adrenal glands with things like tyrosine, B vitamins, ashwaganda, and Rhodiola. Also, passion flower, wild oat, thyroid and adrenal glandular can help. Each month, between ovulation and a woman’s cycle, her immune system is down as part of the fertility cycle. She may need an overall immune booster around that time to feel good. Any one with chronic immune problems like sinus, fibromyalgia, mono. Or infections will usually have a suppressed drive. A Wellness formula combination or multivitamin called Thymic Formula can work miracles.

Reproductive tonics- these are herbs and supplements that tend to work and improve over time. Epimedium, maca, noni, acai, kelp, sarsaparilla, fish oils, evening primrose oils, zinc, vitamin E, and Siberian ginseng are great examples, as are astragalus, suma, and dong Quai. Some of these help dryness in women. Others help with overall strength, stamina and weight loss.

Finally, you don’t necessarily have to try each one separately to find what helps you…and we all can use some help in this area sometimes! There are many safe combinations for men, women, and both by reputable supplement companies. The great thing is these products can just make you feel better, having more energy, a better mood, and even balance your hormones and immune system.

Is it time to spice up your life?