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Read More About Nature's Sunshine Formulas and Common Health Concerns

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Why Nature's Sunshine Formulas

Nature's Sunshine Products has far more herbal formulas to address individual body systems, making them the most complete line of products for total health needs in the marketplace.  They are the company that first put herbs in capsules. It is our opinion that when purchasing their herbal formulas you are getting the best buy for the money spend, due to the fact that their formulas are formulated to address multiple body systems at once.  For example, the formula HS II contains Hawthorn, Capscium and Garlic.  This simple formula feeds the Circulatory system, the Digestive system and the Immune system, just to name a few.  Buying these products individually would be much more expensive than purchasing the formula HS II.  

Nature's Sunshine Products is a recognized leader in quality control, spending millions of dollars to insure purity, testing every single batch of raw materials used to produce the various herbal formulas we offer you.  

This is why we recommend them so highly at ProHealth Nutrition.  They have always been our best selling product line since we have been in business and will continue to be going forward. 
Our Experience with Nature's Sunshine Products

Nature's Sunshine formulas turned our families health around in the 1990's and have been instrumental in keeping us on the path of health ever since.   Why?  Nature's Sunshine formulas have been tested for purity and completeness (synergistic) beforehand. The formulas are known to bring the desired results before being offered to the public. This is why most of the original Nature's Sunshine products are still available today and will continue to be available in the future. 

Nature's Sunshine Products wants us to understand their concept of health, as well as the quality of their product, so we can better serve our customers with the individual health goals.  This is a win, win situation for those trying to reach their individual health goals.
If you have any questions about Nature's Sunshine formulas, please contact us before you make a purchase.  We desire that you get the formulas that will best help you with your health goals.  We understand Nature's Sunshine products and how they work best and will be glad to pass what we have learned on to you. 
Testing of Raw Materials

We believe that Nature's Sunshine formulas are the purist available.  They run over 300 tests to assure purity.  To discuss a few, Nature's Sunshine Products tests the raw materials to see if they meet all of their standards.   

Nature's Sunshine Products also tests each batch to make sure it is free of contamination of any type. 

They also test the activity of the raw materials before they are approved.  In other word, they test for the active ingredients, which are the ones that make the product work. They can also tell if the plants were harvested at the proper times, for maximum strength and if they are buy buying the exact part of the plant that brings the best results.   

Nature's Sunshine Products tests to make sure no fillers are present in raw materials.

Once the raw materials have been approved, the production process from start to finish is controlled very closely to maintain purity of the finished products.

The Finished Nature's Sunshine Products

Nature's Sunshine Products uses cold processing, which  involves freezing the herbs in liquid nitrogen and shattering them as opposed to the traditional heat-producing grinding process. 

When a product has been produced, each lot is sampled, and audited by Quality Assurance inspectors for bulk weight, liquid volume, bottle count, bottle sealing and legible lot number.  When all testing is complete, Quality Assurance approves the product and signs the certificate of analysis.  All information and the samples are kept for future reference on each batch of finished products.  Once every thing has been done according to policy and accepted, the finished products are released for consumer use.