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Silver - Marketplace Overview

Understanding the current silver marketplace

Which one... Confronted with conflicting claims and inadequate reference material it is difficult for consumers to make an informed choice as to which colloidal silver is best.

For example, one manufacturer claims that "the darker the solution, the more potent the concentration of silver", implying that their dark brown, high ppm product is what you should buy.

Such ‘advice’ is not only spurious but dangerous since any quantity over 350 micrograms (mcg) per day exceeds EPA standards for silver in drinking water. The same manufacturer recommends a dose of 1/2 tsp. per day of its 500 ppm colloidal silver, or 1250 mcg; ­ over three times the maximum reference dose!

Much more often than not, these products do not conform to their labeled claims. (The 500 ppm product noted above actually tested at 420 ppm in our lab). And although it contains a large quantity of silver particles smaller than most, it is also a hybrid protein solution as well as colloid.

The analyses to determine quality are beyond the means of the consumer. Too little is demanded of the manufacturers, either by resellers or the consumer. There are no reliable standards. The choice is therefore a judgment call.

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