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Manuka Honey Now Available at ProHealth Nutrition

 Manuka Honey is the first honey with verified Methylglyoxal content.  Manuka Health produces honey of varying strengths, ranging from 30 mg/kg to 550 mg/ kg, offering customers a choice of products to best suite their needs. 

MGO Manuka Honey is sourced from remote regions where there are no signs of civilization.  In these pristine settings, the manuka bush grows wild.  Often the only human presence is the beekeeper who brings hives into these areas prior to flowering and returns to remove the hives after flowering is completed.   The bush flowers for only four weeks each year and during this time, the beehives need to be at full strength and located close to large areas of manuka bush for gathering nectar. 

How to use Manuka Health MGO Manuka Honey:

Take a teaspoon full of the honey right from the jar in the morning and the evening or anytime of day.  You can also mix the honey with warm water and drink it as a beverage. 

Guaranteed Potency


According to experts some potentila benefits of Manuka Honey

Acid Reflux




Peptic Ulcer

Upset Stomach

Ulcerative Colitis

Duodenal Ulcers

Esophagus Ulcers

Digestive Problems

Helps Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Protects Gastrointestinal System


Skin Ulcer
Athletes Foot
Dental Health
Open Wounds
Eye Infections
Diabetic Wound
Arthritic Inflammation
Insect bites and stings
Cracked Skin Conditions
Minor Cuts, Scratches, abrasions
Foot/Leg Ulcer (including Diabetic)
Burns (First, Second, and Third Degree)
Foot and leg sores (including Diabetic & open leg sores)