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Roll Of Iridologists

Ann Fishburne Certified Practial Iridologist, McDonough Georgia

An iridologist really analyzes the iris, rather than making a full diagnosis.  By definition, iris analysis is: To discern by observation of the iris the various stages of tissue inflammation-acute, subacute, chronic, and degenerative-and where the inflammations are located. 

Iridologists map out a person's eye and compare this chart to the iris charts developed by Von Peczely, Liljequist, and Dr. Bernard Jensen, a renowned U.S. iridologist and nutritionist. The iridologist then interprets the person's mapped out eye chart and analyzes the individual's colors and markings. Indications of dangerous tissue alterations are transmitted to the eye and can be discerned and interpreted by an iridologist. 

Iridology is mainly a preventitive, warning of a person's apparent tendency toward disease. If a person is potentially approaching an illness, this will show up in an examination of the iris. A person's progress can also be expressed by the iris. Cleansing and healing of the body can be verified from changes in the iris. 

Iridology works conjunctively with nutrition, herbal medicine, orthomolecular medicine to make sure that a person is getting his or her appropriate dose of nutrients, minerals, organic elements, enzymes, vitamins, and the proper pH in the stomach.

Ann is available by appointment for iridology testing in McDonough, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday and Saturday. Call:  770-914-7955  Fee: $30


The word "iris" is Greek and means "rainbow" or "halo." The iris is the colorful portion of the eye that surrounds the pupil. 

Surprisingly, iridology is one of the oldest forms of alternative medicine, more than 2,000 years old. The idea is found discreetly in the Bible in the sixth chapter of the book of St. Matthew, verse twenty-two.

Iridology was "rediscovered" by two European men in the 19th century. Together, these two share the title of "father of iridology." These men were Hungarian Ignatz von Peczely and Swedish clergyman Nils Liljequist.

Iridology represents a holistic approach to health care because it attempts to analyze and diagnose weaknesses in all of the tissues of the body. 

Iridology is in sync with Hering's Law of Cure, which was deveoped by the Homeopaths, This law states that 'All cure starts from within out, from the head down, and in the reverse order as the symptoms appeared,' in treating our chronic illnesses. Iridology uses iris analysis to determine how a person should go about enacting a reversal process

The iris contains hundreds of nerve ending which are attached to the optic nerve, the base of the brain, and all of the tissues of the body. Therefore, the neural circuitry of the eye is able to express the continuity of the body.