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We men like our Man Caves.  That’s our part of the house that we can make our own with only a few simple rules from the women of the home, keep it decently clean and no three day old food sitting around. 

How we decorate the walls reflects the real man, our passions, our old muscle cars, the cars we want, where we have been in life, where we are going and those we love. 

We show those who enter, our favorite sports teams, hobbies and sometimes things that make no sense at all.  Sometimes we may display what we would be if we had it to do over again, you know men, that famous surfer, football player or adventurer, a place to reflect and a place to make new dreams.  After all, it’s our Man Cave and it doesn’t have to make perfect sense to us or anyone else.

We pack them with computers, widescreen TV’s, and sound systems that will peel the paint of the neighbor’s fence when “we crank it up”.  Much can be learned about a man by what is in his Man Cave, stocked with things that make us feel good.

This brings up the question.  What kinds of food do we bring into our Man Caves?  Do we bring the typical junk food or do we bring in healthy food and snacks for us and our guests.  What we put in our bodies also defines who we are.  Are we healthy or un-healthy?  Men, we are what we eat, so why not   eat the healthy snacks, as we watch our widescreens in the up-coming football season.  Our health is our wealth.  We depend on our health, our families depend on our health, our communities depend on our health. So who not do everything we can to remain healthy. 

More and more we are finding that eating unhealthy leads to heart issues, blood sugar issues, weight gain, unhealthy skin and much more. Studies show that gluten in the diet causes digestive problems, weight gain, attention issues, both in children and adults.  

Today, more and more natural health food companies are making available a large choice of gluten free foods and snacks that can be purchased from your local health food stores.  Most traditional snack foods are high gluten foods.  Men, we would not dare put junk in our finely tuned automobiles, so why put junk foods in our bodies. I encourage you to check out some healthy snacks and enjoy your Man Caves this season.

ProHealth Nutrition has a large selection of healthy snacks to choose from. 

See ya soon,

Fred, ProHealth Nutrition