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In our McDonough body building center, we approach body building from a very basic approach.  The first and most important phase of body building is the diet.  It takes food to build muscles.  Exercise does not build muscles.  Exercise breaks down muscle fiber so it can be rebuilt by the body when proper nutrition is supplied.  Too much exercise can be a major set back in building muscle.  The more exercise, the more proper food it takes to rebuild. 
Our McDonough body building center staff can help you get your diet in line with your exicersie program and show you supplements that have been used for years with much success in building great bodies. 
Supplements that you must supplement with as a body builder if you want to build muscle instead of losing muscle mass are protein and  l-glutamine. Never under estimate the power of Amino Acid Formulas to replace essential nutrients right after training. Whey Protein is not enough, you need the quick absorption of free form amino acids for maximun results.  This is old school but it is the best school.  These nutrients are needed in large amounts to build muscle while keeping the immune system strong.  Creatine can be an important supplement as well. 
All protein is broken down by the liver into amino acids. Free form amino acids by-pass the liver and go directly into the blood stream. Without them you will not see maximun results in building muscles.  If you read the article link above you should now understand why amino acids are so important. 
When visiting our McDonough body building center ask our staff to show you our selection of amino acids.  If you are going to use only one body building product, amino acids are what you need.  You must understand that amino acids do not replace food.  Amino acids are best used 30 minutes before exercise and immediately after exercise, taken on an empty stomach.  They also can be taken at night just before bed to prevent the body from using muscle mass as it performs bodily functions while you sleep.  Drink plenty of our CHA alkaline water to help athletic performance through the day. 
Another speciality at our McDonough body building center is helping hard gainers put on muscle mass weight.  Hard gainers cannot follow a regular body building program and gain mass.  The hard gainer's body is built opposite as a fast gainer.  Therefore, he/she must train different.  You will want to read our article on hard gainers.
Our nutritionist and applied kinesiologist ,  Ann Fishburne, is also available by appointment to help reach your fitness goals.