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We are your McDonough Kinesiology muscle testing ($30)Ionic Foot Detox ($25) available during business hours,  ZYTO Compass (comes with all services) and Iridology  ($30) source in Henry County, Georgia at ProHealth Nutrition. 
Kinesiology muscle testing, Irodology and Nutrition Consults are offered Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for $30.00 per sessionClick here to read Ann's article on a Christian Perspective on Kinesiology.  
Be sure to talk with Nutritionist, Ann Fishburne, by appointment, $30 per session.  
Ionic Detox Foot Detox
ProHealth Nutrition offers Ionic Foot Detoxes, a 30 minuite session is only $25.00, which pulls toxins such, as heavy metals, yeast, mucus, and blood clot material  out of the body through the feet. The list below describes typical benefits. We can two foot detoxes at one time with our new machine.

Color or Particle
Material or Area of the Body
Detoxifying from the kidney, bladder, urinary tract, female/prostate area
Detoxifying from joints
Detoxifying from liver, tobacco, cellular debris
Detoxifying from liver
Dark green
Detoxifying from gallbladder
White foam
Lymphatic system
White cheese-like particles
Most likely yeast
Black flecks
Heavy metals



McDonough Health Fair Image

Iridology is the science of analysing the iris of the eye. It is a unique form of health analysis diagnosing your constitutional strengths and weaknesses and literally the condition of each and every organ inside your body.  Ann Fishburne is a certified Iridologist, trained by, Stephen Horne, world renowned Iridologist.
Session $30.00