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In our McDonough natural children's health section you will find everything you need to address your child's health naturally. We have natural supplements for infants through teens. 
The best gift you can give your children is health.  In the toxic world in which they live today it makes good sense to supplement with all natural products to better protect their immune systems
We understand that children are picky so we have provided a large variety to choose from in our McDonough natural children's health section.  You will find healthy snacks for their after school snacks, including glutin free foods to help combat ADD.
ADD has become a major health concern among today's youth. In our children's natural health section we have many successful formulas for ADD, but with out a doubt ATTEND it the best we have seen.  Ask our staff to give you the free CD and written materials on this wonderful product by VAXA the next time you visit our store.  Check out our CHA alkiline water for the best tasting water ever and loads of health benefits. 
One of the most important natural supplements for your child's health is omega 3 fish oil.  Ask for  "the good tasting stuff" as the kids call it, by Nordic Naturals.  Chewable strawberry gels are a favorite as well as the strawberry liquid.  Testing has shown that supplementing with omega 3 fish oils, especially at very young ages, even while the child is in the womb and mother is supplementing with omega 3, can greatly improve a child's IQ.  Our McDonough natural children's health section is a definate plus for your children's health.   Come in today and be blessed. Bring your children for a ZYTO Compass reading to help determine which products might work best for them today.  It is short and sweet.   
Nutritionist and applied kinesiologist, Ann Fishburne is available by appointment to help you with your children's health needs.