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McDonough Nutrition Counseling, Ann Fishburne Nutritionist 


Ann Fishburne, McDonough nutritionist,  graduated from Georgia State University in 1978, working in the medical field as a Registered Dietitian with children and adults.  She has been an individual counselor and group educator with Headstart, the WIC Program, Southside Community Health and Henry Medical Center. 

Ann heeded to  the calling out of the clinical field of nutrition and for over twenty years has been a leading McDonough nutritionist with natural healing products and services as the owner of ProHealth Nutrition, Inc.  Ann is also an experienced Kinesiologist.

Ann's desire is to teach and motivate in practical ways to follow God's pathway of healing for you and your  family.

What Is A Nutritionist

A nutritionist is someone who specializes in the study of nutrition, including nutritional deficiencies, sources of nutrition, and nutritional challenges which may face individuals or communities. 

 A nutritionist is someone that has a degree in nutrition, not someone who happens to like healthly eating and has learned from exprience and gives advice on his/her experience. A nutritonist is someone who has studied the science of nutrition and its effects on the human body.

There are several different aspects of the study of nutrition which interest nutritionists. Some nutritionists work directly on the study of nutrients and food, in labs and through field work. These nutritionists may focus on learning as much as possible about nutritional requirements and sources of nutrition.

Public health nutritionists may work to identify nutritional problems in various communities, and provide education and outreach to encourage people to improve their nutritional habits.

A dietitian is a nutritionist who provides services directly to patients or clients. Some dietitians work in hospitals and schools, supervising large-scale food production.

A dietitian may work one-on-one with clients, helping people lose weight, train for sports competitions, or fight diseases. In today's techical world many aids are availabe, such as the ZYTO Compass, which helps determine the right supplements for the body.   

The tasks of a nutritionist can get extremely complex, especially when working with sick patients in an environment like a hospital. A nutritionist may be consulted about the insertion of a feeding tube into a patient.  

Benefits of A Nutritionist

Doctors referral, fatigue, weight loss, weight or muscle gain, eating disorders, joint pain, cancer prevention or battling, digestive problems, stress, food allergies, general allergies, skin disorders, cardiovascular health, mental health, hormonal problems, pre & post natal, optimising general health, child or sports nutrition are all reasons people consult a nutritionist.

If you would  like to make a McDonough nutrition counseling appointment with Ann Fishburne email us at: fred@prohealthnut.com or call 770-914-7955. When emailing make your subject line to read: Make Nutrition Appointment and we will get it.

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