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McDonough Vitamins

Our McDonough vitamins center is the  place to come when you want the best all natural vitamins and health supplements without having to drive a long distance to get them.  Not to say that we are not worth the drive.  Some of our customers drive from Stockbridge, Forest Park, Syrma, Atlanta, Buckhead,  and from neighboring counties. 
At our McDonough vitamins center you will find affordable prices and a staff that has been well trained by our degreed nutritionist, making it easy to find the right supplements that work best  for  you.
Our vitamins and food supplements have been carefully chosen by our nutritionist to assure that you are getting the very best available.   This means no junk fillers or no junk ingredients that can actually do more harm than good. 
At our McDonough vitamins center, not only are you getting top quality vitimans and minerals, but you are also getting the pureist herbal formulas as well.  At our McDonough vitamins center you will recognize many of the best selling brands that have been in natural health stores for years.  You will  also see some brands that you may not recognize that are just as good if not better than the best sellers.  Our well trained staff at our McDonough vitamins center will be happy to point them out when you visit us. Ask about our ZYTO Compass reading to help determine which products a best suited for your body now.   
When visiting us be sure to ask about vitamin D 3 and its benefits in heart health.  Remember to ask our staff about Vitamin B 12 and its benefits in brain health and also the  benefits of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and  Vitamin E, from heart health to immune health.  Check our our large supply of food based vitamins on your next trip to our McDonough vitamins center.    It is best to take supplements with CHA alkaline water for best results
Nutritionist and applied kinesiologist, Ann Fishburne is available by appointment to help choose the right vitimans for your specific health  needs.