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Obesity is the #1 health risk today.  The numbers continue to break records both in how many people are obese and the young ages of obesity.  The formula for obesity is simple.  Too much of the wrong kind of food plus lack of exercise equals obesity.
At our McDonough weight loss center our staff is well trained in giving advice on a well  balanced diet and have in depth knowledge of supplements that have shown to help people in reaching their weight loss goals.  Ask our staff to show you the best tasting alkaline water ever with many add health benefits, CHA water.
Our McDonough weight loss center staff educate people everyday on right and wrong food choices.  Learn to shop before you chop.  We have shopping lists on our website that can be printed off and taken to the store.  We have an article on setting up an inexpensive home gym to make exercise easy.  Also available is our ZYTO Compass, which can determine the right products that your body needs today.  
Many diabetics are over weight.  Read our articles, Diet and Exercise for Diabetics and Diabetics Need A Nutritionist.  These articles, as well as others in our articles section can give  good advice in combating obeisty.  
Blood sugar spikes are a major problem in weight loss.  In our McDonough weight loss center we have supplements that have shown to control blood sugar spikes as well as lowering blood sugar.   Our staff can show you how to eat to keep a constant check on blood sugar.   
When in our McDonough weight loss center be sure to ask about the .   This diet is amazing, specially when  40 - 50 or more pounds needs to be lost.  Before starting the Ideal Protein Diet you will need to consult with our nutritionist who is a nutritional applied kinesiologist has been trained as an Ideal Protein Diet consultant. Ask about the HCG Diet Plan