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It’s Probably Up to You….

Ephes.5:15 "Live your life carefully, accurately, and on purpose"


Failure is usually the result of lack of knowledge, or procrastination…and procrastination results from lack of preparation and planning.

You cannot have good health without good nutrition

Prepare by; Prayerfully gathering information on health and nutrition (because each person’s pathway to healing is different) and then, still prayerfully and patiently apply the knowledge first to yourself, and then your family

How many here are the main food buyer and preparer and nutrition educator and motivator in your family? (that’s why its probably up to you)

If you love your family, you will make the effort to provide the best in nutrition that you can…with planning and prayer it can be done without blowing your budget…you blow your budget when you fail to buy and plan healthy meals and go to McDonald’s instead

You must plan or write menus for healthy meals and then buy those foods; a healthy meal contains a low fat protein, a high fiber starch, and a fresh or cooked veg or fruit. Most simple meals can be made in about 20-30 minutes p.s. never ask your family what they want to eat …give them 2-3 healthy choices

As parents and adults we need to take our attitudes and emotions about food to the Lord..love chocolate or french fries? They don’t look good on you or your children, and they don’t make you healthy, wealthy, or wise-think about the Garden of Eden ….put away childish things(most of the time)

You must be prepared for protests, providing healthy snacks and nibbles while dinner is cooking, to make adjustments gently(don’t suddenly throw everything tasty out of your house-you’ll have a mutiny on your hands)

Meanwhile you can fill in nutritional gaps with herbs and supplements; natural multivitamins, minerals, digestive aids, immune system supplements

Must haves in my medicine cabinet: Multi, colloidal silver, echinacea or olive leaf, astragalus, vit e magnesium, digestive enzymes, acidophilus, barley powder (or greens plus) stevia, and whey protein, garlic, oregano, and cayenne.