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NO Fears -  No Excuses - No Regrets 
 Regular Exercise Can...
·Help you lose weight and reduce body fat
· Improve your physical appearance
· Increase your level of muscular strength and endurance
· Maintain your resting metabolic rate to prevent weight gain
· Increase your stamina and ability to do continuous work
· Improve fitness levels, or your body's ability to use oxygen
· Provide protection against injury
· Improve your balance and coordination
· Increase bone mineral density to prevent osteoporosis
· Lower resting heart rate and blood pressure
· Lower Body Mass Index (BMI), your fat to height ratio
· Reduce triglycerides and bad cholesterol
· Enhance sexual desire and performance
· Reduce heart disease risk and stroke
· Reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer
· Increase insulin sensitivity, prevents type 2 diabetes
· Reduce your level of anxiety and help you manage stress
· Improve function of the immune system
· Improve your self-esteem and restore confidence
· Help you sleep better, relax, and improve mood

Tip:  Start exercising where you are, but start today!