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Below are some  facts about dumbbell use in strength training.
  • Dumbells are the most popular, most effective in building muscle, most cost effective and easiet to use. 
  • Every muscle group can be trained more effectively with dumbbells because the targeted muscles can be isolated for a more intense workout.  Stablizer  muscles must be  used to control the weight.  This is not so with barbells and machines.
  • Dumbbells can avoid plateaus in training.  Simply put, there are many more exercises that can be done with dumbbells than with barbells and machines.   Muscles will not become accustom to the same movements each training session. It is important to change exercises often to avoid plateaus.
  • Dumbbells can develop strength faster because there is a greater range of motion with each exercise. The more a muscle is exercised to maximum range of motion the more muscle breakdown occurs to the muscle tissue, thus building more muscle by the body when the tissue is repaired. 
  • Dumbbells have proven in testing to work the heart muscle more than other types of strength training, leading to a stronger  heart and arteries.  The reason seems to be that dumbbells give a greater range of motion.
  • Dumbbells allow  more of the same range of motion that is experienced in day to day movements which makes the body less pron to injury while going through daily life.
  • Dumbbells do not lock the joints in to movements as do barbells and most machines, therefore, putting less stress on the joints and less chance of injury.
  • Dumbbell causes better balance because more stablizer muscles are strengthened.