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How you do it...


Enroll  Commit to loose weight. We suggest a 12 week commitment.  You can commit by filling out the short form to the right. Now tell someone you commited to loose weight, or better yet, invite them to commit with you. You must make a quality heart commitment to finish what you start or you won't.

Approach The Giant   Weight loss can be like a big giant standing in front of you. Secure everything you need to complete your commitment in advance: Weights, ways to do cardio, a place to train, good food shopping sources, supplements, learn the food list and training charts. Join a gym if you cannot train at home. YOU ARE APPROACHING THE GIANT. If you leave this step out you have no weapons, and you will not succeed.

Engage With Discipline

Set obtainable goals and write them down.

Plan Everything

1. Shopping - Take the provided food list to the store and buy only what's on the list. Snap a pic of the food list for your phone.


2. Workouts – Plan each workout for the week and write them down in advance.

3. Eating – Plan meals for each day for the week in advance. Write them down.

4. Do it – Snap a photo . Train 6 days per week with 1 free day of your choice. Chart each workout and daily meals.

Evaluate – Every 3 to 4 weeks evaluate your progress and be honest. Are you eating 6 meals daily from the food list? Are you training 6 day per week, doing each exercise? Chart your improvements – pounds lost, muscle gained, chart body measurements. Pay attention to your improved mental and physical state. Snap a photo and get excited at the new you forming before your eyes and the eyes of others.

Encouragement – Find ways to encourage yourself on bad days. Only hang around those who encourage you. Use media as a tool of encouragement. We will help you stay encouraged.

Endure To The End – Usually, the middle weeks will be the hardest to endure. When daily challenges come up that would interfere with your training and eating, find ways to stay on course.

Enjoy The New You – You have completed your 12 week commitment. Enjoy it. Treat yourself to a new outfit. Snap some photos and continue on. Don't stop or the old you will reappear.

Strengthening People Through Diet, Exercise and Supplementation
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Commit To Our 7 Point Weight Loss Approach
By Committing, you are taking the first and very important step to your weight loss success.
When you commit, we commit to:
  • Help you stay on course.
  • Provide you with helpful tips on success, diet and exercise.
  • Answer your questions if you hit a snag.
  • Provide you with discounts on certian weight loss and bodybuilding supplements. 
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